Marian Brown Public Relations


"I appreciated working with Marian on a project that is so close to my heart. Her years of experience and deep knowledge base were important to making our Haggadah such a success."



Marian was my publicist when Bird by Bird came out, and it was a true pleasure to work with her. She was brilliant and efficient, hardworking and fun.

—Anne Lamott, author of Grace (Eventually)

Marian Brown is an exceptional publicist, whose many talents include a keen sense of her individual clients' needs, a sharp and creative eye for media opportunities, and proactive, consistent communications. Her commitment, enthusiasm, and attention to detail are unwavering from the start of every project and ensure their continued critical and commercial success. I highly recommend her services.

—Lesley Stahl, author of Becoming Grandma

It took a while for me to get up the nerve to hire a public relations firm for my book Last Train to Paris. I'm from the old school, where publishers historically took care of this job. Sadly, this is no longer the case. But happily, I've been blessed with an ideal replacement. I made the decision to work with Marian Brown and Louise Crawford—admittedly with a few initial qualms. But I was wasting my anxiety. They are truly wonderful. They are careful, yet creative in their strategy. They are both persistent and elegant. They offer abundant hope, but not the moon. It's been a pleasure!

—Michele Zackheim, author of LAST TRAIN TO PARIS

I appreciated working with Marian on a project that is so close to my heart. Her years of experience and deep knowledge base were important to making our Haggadah such a success.

—Edgar M. Bronfman, author of The Bronfman Haggadah

Marian - Your persistence is awesome.

—Greg Netzer, Wordstock

Marian Brown is as smart, considerate and professional as anyone I have ever worked with. She waged a smart and aggressive publicity campaign on behalf of my first novel The Highest Tide. Marian landed great reviews in The New York Times, O: The Oprah Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, The Los Angeles Times and many more publications. More importantly to me, however, has been her ability to guide me through an odyssey of more than 100 public events. I began this enterprise as a shy, stage-struck debut novelist. And she has been there, patiently, every step of the way, to give me the confidence and advice as well as the occasional lecture/reminder that I needed. My conversations with fellow novelists make it clear that I have been remarkably fortunate to have someone as savvy and pleasant to work with as Marian.

— Jim Lynch, author of The Highest Tide

Marian Brown is a new author's dream. She worked tirelessly on my behalf, seeking out every opportunity — traditional and not so. Her commitment never wavered. Nor did her sense of humor. She guided me throughout the entire process, managed my expectations, and then exceeded them. With Marian, it's all about the results and about building for the future. I always felt as though I was her only client and that all of her time was spent only on me — even though I knew that was clearly not the case! And long after the official assignment was completed, she was still there cheering me on and making connections for me. I feel lucky to have had her on my side.

— Alyse Myers, author of Who Do You Think You Are?

After working with genius publicist Marian Brown on two novels and a memoir, all I can say is, hire her, now. Seriously, don't wait another second. Don't talk to anyone else. Just pray to whomever you pray to that she's available. After one of my first events, at the hard-to-get-into San Francisco Book Fest, the festival coordinator walked up to me and said this: "Your publicist is the most persistent human being I have ever known. If it weren't for her, we wouldn't be having this conversation." Marian is a rare voice of sanity, reason and kindness is a business sorely lacking all three.

— Dylan Schaffer, author of Life, Death & Bialys